《Charlie and Lola 查理与劳拉 1-3季》BBC第一二三季有趣的兄妹冒险原版英文动画MP4视频 百度云网盘下载

《Charlie and Lola 查理与劳拉 1-3季》BBC第一二三季有趣的兄妹冒险原版英文动画MP4视频 百度云网盘下载

《查理和罗拉》是一部英国儿童电视动画系列,根据Lauren Child创作的儿童图书改编而成。故事主要围绕着两个兄妹查理(Charlie)和罗拉(Lola)展开,描述了他们之间温馨有趣的日常生活、冒险和互动。


《Charlie and Lola 查理与劳拉 1-3季》共三季,英文发音,英文字幕,语速较慢适合磨耳朵,4.77GB。



《Charlie and Lola 查理与劳拉 1-3季》BBC第一二三季有趣的兄妹冒险原版英文动画MP4视频 百度云网盘下载

《Charlie and Lola 查理与劳拉 1-3季》BBC第一二三季有趣的兄妹冒险原版英文动画MP4视频 百度云网盘下载 《Charlie and Lola 查理与劳拉 1-3季》BBC第一二三季有趣的兄妹冒险原版英文动画MP4视频 百度云网盘下载


Series 1

  • But That Is My Book
  • I’ve Won,No I’ve Won,No I’ve Won,
  • We Can Look After Your Dog
  • There’s Only One Sun,and That Is Me
  • It Wasn’t Me
  • Im Really Ever Not So
  • I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed
  • I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato
  • I Like My Hair Completely
  • I Am Hurrying,I’m Almost Nearly ready!
  • Boo! Made You Jump!
  • The Most Wonderfullest Picnic in the World
  • I Can Do Everything That’s Anything All On My Own
  • It’s a Secret
  • I Do Not Ever,Never Want My Wobbly Tooth to Fall Out
  • I’m Just Not Keen on Spiders
  • Say Cheese
  • I Want to Play Music Too
  • Snow Is My Favourite
  • You Won’t Like This Present as Much as I Do
  • I Must Take Completely Everything
  • I Love Going Granny and Grandpa’s
  • I’m Far Too Extremely Busy
  • I Want to Be Much More Bigger Like You
  • My Little Town
  • But I Am an Alligator

Series 2

  • It Is Absolutely Completely Not Messy
  • I Spy with My Little eyes
  • This is Actually My Party
  • I Am Extremely Magic
  • How Many More Minutes
  • I Am Collecting a Collection
  • My Best Best Bestest Friend
  • Lucky Lucky Me
  • I Just Love My Red Shiny Shoes
  • I Really Wonder What Plant I’m Growing
  • Charlie Is Broken
  • I Will Be Especially,Very Careful
  • Yes I Am,No You’re Not
  • I’m Really,Really,Really Concentrating
  • Will You Please Stop Messing About
  • I Completely Know About Guinea Pigs
  • What If I Get Lost In The Middle of Nowhere
  • Welcome to Lolaland
  • Please May I Have Some of Yours
  • Too Many Big Words
  • You Can Be My Friend
  • I Wish I Could Draw Exactly More Like You
  • I Will Not Ever Never Forget You Nibbles
  • Never Ever Never Step On The Cracks
  • Look After Your Planet
  • Can You Maybe Turn The Light On

Series 3

  • I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses
  • I Can Train Your Dog
  • I Slightly Want to Go Home
  • I Am Extremely Absolutely Boiling
  • Do Not Ever Let Go
  • I’ve Got Nobody to Play With
  • Our Shop Sells Everything
  • I Am Inventing a Usefullish Invention
  • But We Always Do It Like This
  • I Cant Stop Hiccupping
  • But I Am Completely Hearing and Also Listening
  • But I Really Dont Like This Present
  • I Can Dance Like a Dancer
  • Help I Really Mean It
  • I Would Like to Actually Keep it
  • Its Raining its Boring
  • I Am Goody the Good
  • It Is Very Special and Extremely Ancient
  • What Can I Wear for Halloween
  • But Marv is Absolutely Charlies Best Friend
  • I Am Making a Craze
  • But Where Completely Are We
  • I Really Really Need Actual Ice Skates
  • I Wish I Could Do That and Also That Too
  • I Am Going to Save a Panda



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